Sensor technology

Wearable technology for endurance sports

earconnect ™

Continuity and Precision

The patented earconnect ™ technology allows the monitoring of several vital signs in the outer ear canal.

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cosinuss° optimised the method of optical heart rate monitoring and applies it in the right place - the ear.
This technology allows a mobile monitoring of reliable data of vital signs in many areas of application.
No matter if you run a marathon or train for a triathlon event - listen to your body, keep it healthy and fit.

Light weight construction

Light weight construction, safety
and sportive ergonomics

The cosinuss° One is a light weight and supports your training sitting in your ear. Its fit is explicitely designed for the endurance sports community.

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As an alternative to the chest strap the cosinuss° One is mainly one thing - user friendly.
It does not hurt, it fits comfortably in your ear. It does not restrict you. It is so discreet, you can even wear it continously.
It does not disturb you, you can fully concentrate on your training.

Battery life and charging time

Long battery life and short charging time

The cosinuss° One runs as long as you do!
No cable, full compatibility with all your gadgets for running , cycling or whatever your passion is.

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Who does not know that? Many electronical devices pack up exactly then, when you need them. The cosinuss° One includes efficient components and software that only need a minimum of energy.
That allows a running time of up to ten hours and makes the °One a perfect companion for endurance athletes.
Its recovery period is one hour - how long do you need to rest?