cosinuss° One

Innovative heart rate monitor

for professional endurance sports


Know your body

Know your performance

The cosinuss° One measures your vital parameters in your ear.

  • Pulse
  • Body Temperature
  • Heart Rate Variability

The combination of these three parameters will help you to make your training more effective.

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cosinuss° One
Your Advantages

Maximum freedom

Innovative heart rate monitoring in your ear.
Free breathing and free movement without chest strap.

Ergonomische Anpassung des cosinuss° One

Fully compatible

Connect via bluethooth and ANT+ with all sports watches or smartphones

Kompatibilität und Signalstärke des cosinuss° One

Highest precision

Measure your physical data precisely thanks to patented earconnectTM technology

Präzises Pulsmessen mit dem cosinuss° One ohne Brustgurt und mit earconnectTM

cosinuss° One

With the cosinuss° One you are part of the most innovative athletes with a new body consciousness.

Precise physical data from your training and competition support you to improve your performance efficiently.

Applied sciences and sports technology that really brings you forward.

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cosinuss° One


Evaluate the feedback of your body in a better way.
With data of cosinuss° you are able to optimise your performance.

More about the °One

Sensor Technology

Patented technology and award winning design of the °One promise convenient monitoring at the highest level.

More about the °One


Regular firmware updates via Over-The-Air keep your °One up to date.

More about the °One

Vital signs

You want to be sure about your physical capacity? Then learn about the relation of your vital signs with using the data of the cosinuss° One.

  • Heart rate

  • Body temperature

  • Heart rate variability

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The performance of your body is a complex interaction of different vital signs. The work of your muscles, the pumping of your lungs, the beating of your heart - all this makes your body a magic machine.

However, any performance is not THE performance. So far, athletes define their capabilities only knowing about their heart rate.

We work on a completely new understanding of your body. How does it react on changing circumstances? How can you prevent overload?

Learn to understand the context of your body. Monitor your physical data and evaluate it easily and clearly. No matter if you run a marathon, compete in a triathlon event or simply want to respect your limits.

Sensor Technology

The patented smart technology earconnectTM is the basis for a new kind of capturing physical data and the extreme lightweight construction of the cosinuss° One

  • earconnectTM
  • Light weight construction
  • Running and charging time

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The optimum heart rate monitoring nowadays is a
common procedure. We perfectionised it and apply it in the right place - the ear.

The cosinuss° One mini sensor is a real power pack.

  • Innovative measuring unit in the ear plug
  • A quick analysis unit
  • Open and compatible data

All this is our innovative earconnectTM technology.

The award winning and ergonomic design, inspired by the hearing aid technology, allows to adjust the sensor perfectly to your ear and wear it permanently. The first sports wearable for your ear.

The long battery life and short charging time are perfect for long endurance training sessions. The Plug and Play application allows you to concentrate on nothing but yourself and your training.


The cosinuss° One App provides regular updates for the sensor technology of your °One. It even shows you the measurement accuracy of your sensor when monitoring and gives you a perfect overview over your data

  • Updates
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Analysis

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The cosinuss °One helps you to concentrate on the important things - your personal and optimum performance.

We optimise our products for you constantly. With free Over- the-air Upates via our App your sensor is always up-to-date. No need to buy a new one.

The cosinuss° One App shows you the measurement accuracy of the position of the sensor in your ear. You can always control the quality of your measuring even during your training session.

The App visualises your training data. They are open source so that you can export them any time into your training plans or develop your own applications.