Heart Rate Monitors and Sensors

You are better than you think!

cosinuss° One

Innovative Heart Rate Monitor

for professional endurance sports

Know your body — Know your performance

The cosinuss° One measures your vital parameters in your ear.

  • Pulse
  • Temperature
  • Heart Rate Variability

The combination of these three parameters will help you to make your training more effective.

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cosinuss° One
degree° Thermometer

Stress-free fever management

The new degree° thermometer.

  • wearable day and night
  • continuous measurement
  • fever warnings

Once the degree° is placed in your child´s ear, you can keep track of the development of your child´s body temperature.
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°One Philosophie

Your body talks to you. But you can not understand it. Therefore you move. You move to feel your body.

They say in sports, it is about speed, distance or being first. But there is so much more to it. Sport is a about listening to your body.

One way to confront yourself with everything that surrounds you and your innermost. Every step, every breath, every burned calorie is a part of the story between
you and your surrounding.


And that's the exciting thing about it all, what you do to know about yourself. And that is what you feel every time, when the comforting warm feeling spreads inside, whenever you managed a new chapter.

We'll help you to understand the signals of your body. Thus, your nature, your body and you can be one again.

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Coming soon!

Mobile sensors for medical use.
Pleasant. Reliable. Easy handling.
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Measurement of the body temperature:
Mobile. Pleasant. Reliable.
This is what the new C-MED-T is for!