Vital signs

for your optimum performance

Heart Rate

Precise heart rate monitoring without chest strap

The innovative heart rate monitor cosinuss° One measures your vital signs precisely in your ear. Without any physical constraints you get the highest freedom of movement you have ever experienced. Finally, precise measurement without chest strap!

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Heart rate monitoring with the chest strap was the one and only standard for a long time, if you wanted to get exact data. However now, with the cosinuss° One a new dimension is reached. Your heart rate is monitored as precise in your ear.

And even better: In your ear the °One can monitor not only your heart rate, but even more vital signs. That gives you the possibility to determine your performance even better.

Body Temperature

Know your body temperature

Performance creates heat. Cooling needs power. This power is missing in your training and competition. „Cardiac Shift“ ist the consequence.

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Are you sure about what you can expect of yourself today?
How did you digest your training from yesterday?

With the knowledge about your body temperature you can prevent overload and dehydration. That helps you to optimise your traiing and your regeneration phases. You get to know your body even better.