What size should I choose?

Athletes ask, the Cosinuss team responds

Silicon caps and earpieces

Silicon caps and earpieces

The silicon caps of the Cosinuss One behave like classic in-ear headphones that you are used to when listening to music. However, our silicon caps are a bit special. We integrated quite some technology into our ear pieces. So, it is not just another “simple” piece of silicon. Our silicon caps contain: a small LED, a photodiode and a temperature sensor.

The Cosinuss One sensor measures vital signs such es your heartrate or your body’s core temperature. Classical heart rate monitors use a strap wrapped around your chest to measure heart rate. We don’t measure your vitals at the chest. We measure them using your ear.

In ear heartrate monitoring with Cosinuss One
What size

What size?

Athlete asks:

"Am I right in assuming that the sizes from small to large are as follows: XS S M L? What size for earpieces do you recommend?"

Cosinuss replies:

"Your assumption is correct. Sizes range from XS very small to L large. Past orders show that M fits men quite well. If they don’t fit, you can return them any time and get a different size."

Why not deliver all sizes at once

Why not deliver all sizes at once?

Athlete asks

"Wouldn’t it be more cost-effective if you sent the 4 pieces in all sizes, as it’s already common with basic in-ear headphones with up to 8 pieces? And at the same time your customers wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of the exchanging process."

Cosinuss replies:

"Yes, that would be ideal. However, at the moment we can only offer you to order one size. If that size doesn’t fit, you can easily exchange it. We want to avoid time-consuming exchanges in the future. That’s why we’re still working on this process."

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