Guidelines Bluetooth und ANT+

The cosinuss° One is sending its signals just following the guidelines of Bluetooth and ANT+. There is a maximum range to its signals from 10 meters on open field. Please follow the instructions of Bluetooth and ANT+ manufacturers to receive a flawless connection quality.

Note Sportswatch Casing:

Some Sportswatches are made with a very steady and well shielded casing. This might disturb the wireless connection with the cosinuss° One. Watches we know to have this issue will be marked in our compatibility-list.

Hinweis Wearing on the right side

We recommend to wear the cosinuss° One on your right ear. For best connections please wear your receiving device on the same body half as your sensor, and as close to it as possible.

Note No Signal

Is your device only showing you two Strokes instead of a number there might be two reasons for this:

  • The wireless connection between the two is to weak and can not be received by your device
  • Due to a very bad positioning of the sensor in your ear a low quality of measurement might occur. Therefore the °One is sending out a zero - which is displayed as two stripes on most sportswatches.



Please contact our support, if some of these issues keep on bugging you: